07/27/2014Heidelberg Triathlon


Jae Eun Walk , Christal Armijo and Marcus Baca participated at the Heidelbergman Triathlon, in Germany on 07/27/2014. Shattering personal goals is rewarding, but doing so in support of a charity, such as PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD, can transform the triathlon experience! To us they are heroes already! Thank you for doing this!

Here is the Heidelbergman link: http://heidelbergman.de/en/



From Zero to HeroJane Walk

The Heidelbergmann Triathlon takes place on Sunday 07/27/2014. Jae Eun Walk participates for PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD.

Jae Eun had two New Year's proposals for 2014: learn how to swim and support a charity.

Today she does not only know how to swim, but she will also participate this coming Sunday at the Heidelbergman Triathlon. While Jae Eun was still a non-swimmer a few months ago, she is not afraid to tackle the approximately 1,600m long swim course, downstream the river Neckar in Heidelberg, Germany. Among her American colleagues, the always cheerful Jane is almost a sensation. While her friends tease her with the slogan "From Zero to Hero", they can't help themselves but to feel secretly impressed by Jane's strong willpower and her disciplined training schedule.

When she is asked why she supports PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD, Jane replies:
"I was born and raised in South Korea. When I was young, playgrounds were represented as only belonging to the rich kid's, where their community could afford to provide playgrounds in their gated community. The only playground (so-called) for ordinary kids like me were to ride the toy horses once a month when an older gentleman would stop by each town with his pushcarts that had 5 to 6 toy horses tied to it. I still remember that the poor gentleman and my mother having such as hard time taking me off from the horse after my time was up. There were so many kids waiting in line for their turns.

That was my once a month memorable playground experience. However, after the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, people started to build more apartment complexes, that had playgrounds for the kids. My family also moved into one of those apartments in Seoul and my first experience with a real playgrounds was breathtaking. If I compare the today's playgrounds with my first one, there is a big disparity. We had 2 swings, 2 seesaws and a small slide. There were no playhouses, jungle gyms, or rubber floors for protection. However, it served more than a playground. It was our community club, social networking focal point and an after school child care center. I went straight to the playground after school and played with my friends until mymom came home from work. I could see her getting off from the bus from the playground and I would greet my mom every evening and that  was the greatest joy from my youth.

Yet, the joy did not last long. The South Korean society became very comparative and kids were forced to study tremendous hours to move up the social ladder like most Asian kids. I saw many playgrounds were turned into public parking. We were going to one after school academy to another until 10 or 11 PM and then we had to go to school at 7 AM the next morning. There was no time for playing at home or even at school and it has not changed since then. When I first heard about PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD, I immediately knew how important this project is and how much each playground could mean to a child (based on my personal experience). I am very fortunate that I came to know them and I am very happy that I can do something that I truly support and believe in.

  iroman bike pic06/24/2014

Amazing action!

Christal Armijo, Jae Eun Walk, Marcus Baca, Robert Minter and Desirée Geneske, all 5 from the US, to tackle the famous Ironman Triathlon in Zell am See, Austria, to raise money for PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD. Thank you!

Set in the picturesque Austrian Alps, Zell am See will welcome the world's best on August 31, 2014







DSC 7363Elisabeth Bosch, top-notch lawyer from Spain and mother of three children will take part in the Volkswagen Prague Marathon on May 11,2014. For the 42 km long Marathon she chose to raise money for PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD.

"The Prague Marathon is one of my favourite marathons, since the race leads through the heart of the historic centre of the city."

The marathon is indeed considered one of the most beautiful international marathons in the world with over 9 500 runners from 91 countries.

"Why did I choose PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD as a charity? As a mother of a 6-year old girl and 3-year old twins I know how important playgrounds are for children! Obviously children rights are very important to me! Will You please support my run for charity! Your generosity will directly help children in some of the most distressed communities in the world!"



 PLAYGOUNDS FOR THE WORLD is a registered German charity HRB 746 116.

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