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How can donors and companies from France donate to PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD?

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The Town & Country Foundation's mission, vision and values are to deliver quality homes, build communities and improve lives.

Jürgen Mathias from the Town & Country Foundation presented Tajana Rhode and Lydia Kioseoglou with a 500-€ check. We are truly thankful for their amazing support!
Our special thanks go to the Town & Country foundation! The award means a lot to us and will directly benefit 220 children in Educandarió, Brazil


Heidelberg Triathlon



Jae Eun Walk , Christal Armijo and Marcus Baca participated at the Heidelbergman Triathlon, in Germany on 07/27/2014. Shattering personal goals is rewarding, but doing so in support of a charity, such as PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD, can transform the triathlon experience! To us they are heroes already! Thank you for doing this!

Here is the Heidelbergman link:

Jane Walk



The Heidelbergmann Triathlon takes place on Sunday 07/27/2014. Jae Eun Walk , Christal Armijo and Marcus Baca participate for PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD.

Jae Eun had two New Year's proposals for 2014: learn how to swim and support a charity.

Today she does not only know how to swim, but she will also participate this coming Sunday at the Heidelbergman Triathlon. While Jae Eun was still a non-swimmer a few months ago, she is not afraid to tackle the approximately 1,600m long swim course, downstream the river Neckar in Heidelberg, Germany. Among her American colleagues, the always cheerful Jane is almost a sensation. While her friends tease her with the slogan "From Zero to Hero", they can't help themselves but to feel secretly impressed by Jane's strong willpower and her disciplined training schedule.


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This is amazing:

Christal Armijo, Jae Eun Walk, Marcus Baca, Robert Minter and Desirée Geneske, all 5 from the US, to tackle the famous Ironman Triathlon in Zell am See, Austria, to raise money for PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD. Thank you! We keep our fingers crossed for you!

Set in the picturesque Austrian Alps, Zell am See will welcome the world's best on August 31, 2014













PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD gUG became a member of the Dachverband Entwicklungspolitik Baden-Württemberg (DeaB).

On May 15, 2014 the board of the DeaB welcomed PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD as one of its most recent members. On this occasion, Tatjana Rhode presented the non-profit organization to a wide audience.









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The Stuttgart Media University supports PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD this summer semester with a course in service learning.

This course combines service learning with charitable commitment. Servicelearning allows the participating students to bring their know-how and other skills to the table in order to support a non-profit organization. This way the students create value for others and for themselves.

Dr. Högsdal, Professor of Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurship, is point of contact for all parties.
We therefore welcome Annika Rupp, Tobias Brockow, Anna Klüver, Sandra Colditz and Alexander Flaig, and look forward to their new Imput and their creative ideas!

schlogger Karte

 Greeting Cards Shop

This year, "schlogger" artist Johanna Baumann has created an amazing Greeting card for PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD.

5 cards including envelopes can be purchased for 17,00€ (free delivery).

10 cards including envelopes can be purchased for 30,00€ (free delivery).

100% of the proceeds will go to playground projects. Send you order with your address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and remit the amount by using the PayPal Link directly online:





Tatjana Rhode, founder of PFTW reflects about how she started PLAYGROUNDS FOR THE WORLD as a Non-profit organisation:


In the beginning I started to think about pain points in my life and in the life of other people. Something that I always saw on many of my trips was the lack of opportunity for children to play in so many countries.

Founding an NGO is also about passion. In life you will find something you are passionate about. It might be a small thing or it might be something on the scale of world hunger, but it is something you can do!

For me and for all those who support PFTW, it is the right for children to play!

In life there might be lots and lots of good reasons, not to start something new, but sometimes you have to JUST DO IT! There is never going to be a perfect time, there is never going to be a time when you have too much capital. Sometimes you just have to say " I am passionate about this, I need to get some experience doing it, and so I am going to let it rip."

There is a time when you need to get your boots on the ground and figure out how to make this happen.

At PFTW we started to get some external validation, from the startsocial foundation and the German Prize for Civic Engagement for what we are trying to do. But the bottom line is, that we know we are going to succed, even if we don't know how everything will work out exactly in the end.

We plan, we organize and we give our best! The important thing is, that we are trying to do something. That we did not wait until everything fell into place. Dr. Martin Luther King once said " I have a dream", he didn't say "I have a plan".

When you have a dream, when you have an idea, go out into the world and make it happen, whether it is a small thing or whether it is a big thing.

We know we can contribute positively through our organisation, we can help to create value for each other and we can help to make a child's life a little bit better. At the moment we are working on four projects in 3 different countries, Mexico, Palestine, and Brazil. As we will go along, we will tell you about it!

And remember: When children play, the world wins!

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